Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I gain by becoming a member?
  2. By signing up for you get the following capabilities:

  • You are able to create a Player Profile that is visible to the head coach at each ECS college.
  • You can see detailed academic and sports information about each of the over 100 colleges and universities covered by ECS (a sample is provided to Boston College) and unlock access to all of the filtering capabilities (including by geography and conference).
  • You'll have access to the full ECS Processtm, a detailed guideline for college recruiting developed in conjunction with college coaches.
  • You have a detailed roster analysis of each program, so you know how many players are graduating each year and how many of those get significant playing time.
  1. When should I start my college search?
  2. The best time to start your college soccer pursuit is freshman year of high school. It might feel too early; some people might even tell you it’s too early; don’t buy it. Start your pursuit of college soccer as a freshman. If you’re already a sophomore or junior, work to catch up. Remember, starting the process doesn’t mean calling coaches and asking them for a position; that comes later after lots of preparation.

  3. Who can see my profile?
  4. All of the ECS head coaches are provided a free-of-charge, password protected account on ECS that allows them to view all Player Profiles. Remember, these coaches receive thousands of emails from candidates each year. ECS allows coaches to see students who are specifically interested in high academic schools, thus a more targeted group of potential players.

  5. Who can see when I designate a school as a Favorite?
  6. Only the coach from that particular college or university.

  7. How often is the information updated?
  8. The data used within ECS is constantly updated as new information becomes available. This includes new admissions data, coaching changes, new roster analysis, and camps/clinics info.

  9. What do the stars mean?
  10. Read more about what the stars mean by clicking here.

  11. Many ECS schools are private schools, isn't the cost of those schools really high?
  12. In reality, the net cost of attending a private schools is sometimes less than that of an in-state public schools. It's important to understand what financial aid, merit scholarships, and athletic scholarships are available at each school. Click here to read more about the true cost of college.

  13. How does ECS differ from other recruiting sites and services?
  14. ECS is not a recruiting service, and two things separate us from recruiting services: (1) we don't represent you to coaches - coaches want to hear from players, not recruiters; and (2) most recruiting sites operate from a premise of getting you an athletic scholarship as their main goal. ECS's primary focus is helping you get entry into an academically selective college and university.

    To help you meet that goal, ECS provides detailed admissions and sports information about a select group of colleges (i.e., those with highly selective admissions) who offer NCAA women's soccer programs. ECS provides information about the soccer level of the various schools, attempting to break-down NCAA division and conference silos so that you can do a straight-up comparison across college soccer programs. For useful insight (developed in conjunction with coaches from the ECS list of schools) on the college recruiting process, click here.

  15. What is the total cost of joining
  16. There is a one-time charge of $99. You then have 36 months of access to the ECS website. (That's less than the retail price of a pair of Adidas Predators - and they don't last for three years.)

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