Senior - Sealing the Deal

Sealing the Deal

Unless something quite unexpected happens, you should have made a decision or have a very small number of schools on your list. You've done the hard work, now time to finish.

#1 Take your official visits
Although you might be 99% sure as to which school you'll attend, the official visit is a nice way for one final check. And if you're still choosing between a couple of schools, this is your chance to make a final decision as to where you will best fit. Try to make your visits in September and October so that you have time to apply Early Decision if you've made a choice. You will need to be registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse in order to make official visits to DI and DII schools.

#2 Make your decision
On July 1 after your junior year (you're a senior now!), DI and DII coaches can call you and after September 1 they can send you emails, too. Starting in the early summer, DIII coaches will begin approaching their Admissions for Early Reads. And Likely Letters will be sent to some athletes in the early fall of senior year. Essentially, if you've done everything right, including targeting the appropriate level colleges and universities, you should now be able to make a final choice as to which college you'll attend.

#3 Apply early decision
Most soccer coaches will expect you to apply early decision. They've committed to you, and they expect that you will commit back to them by binding yourself to the college with an ED application. It's also in your interest to apply ED in the unlikely case that there is a problem with admissions, you still have time to apply regular decision at a different school.

NCAA Recruiting Regulations - Senior Year
Division I and II
Any off campus in-person contact between you and your parents and a coach that goes beyond a basic greeting is allowed up to three times during your senior year. College coaches can’t evaluate you more than 7 times during your entire high school career (although watching your three times at a tournament counts as only a single evaluation).

Beginning opening day of your senior year, you are allowed one official visit per college up to a maximum of five official visits to Division I and Division II schools. Each visit can’t be longer than 48 hours. The coach can call you, and you can text a coach, but they cannot text you back until after you have signed your NLI (National Letter of Intent).

The Senior Caveat
By the start of your senior year, you should either have a verbal commitment from a coach or be down to small list of schools under consideration. One important thing is to be honest with the coach about where you are in the process, especially if you're still considering a couple of choices (more likely the case if you're looking to play DIII). The other important thing is don't do anything that can cause a reversal in your acceptance. Coaches will often joke that you shouldn't get arrested or fail classes; but they really aren't joking. Don't get arrested or fail else all of your hard work could be down the drain!

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