ECS Recruiting Roadmap

The ECS Recruiting Roadmap™™ provides a recommended list of colleges and universities for a prospect's list of targeted schools. In addition, the ECS Recruiting Roadmap offers valuable information on each school's admissions parameters, cost and financial aid, and insightful statistics and analysis of each school's soccer program. The cost of the ECS Recruiting Roadmap is $475, a fraction of the cost of typical college recruiting services.

The Roadmap Survey

To build your unique ECS Recruiting Roadmap, you and your parents first complete a detailed survey of your academic and athletic information. The Roadmap survey was developed in conjunction with professional counselors and college coaches to optimize the college fit - both athletically and academically. Even before purchasing your Roadmap Report, you can still take the survey by clicking below:

What the Roadmap Report Provides
Your unique ECS Recruiting Roadmap will be delivered within 48 hours of completing your profile and survey, incorporating your information to produce a Roadmap that includes:
  1. A list of 10-15 colleges and universities that best fit your survey and player profile information. The list of colleges and universities will occasionally include some schools that are not covered by the ECS website.
  2. Information about where you fall in the typical recruiting timeframe, and specific things you should be undertaking at this time.
  3. Detailed admissions, cost and financial aid, and soccer program specifics for each of the recommended colleges.
  4. Unlimited email and up to one hour of phone support with ECS to further discuss and refine your Recruiting Roadmap.

No Risk. You'll get value or get your money back!
The full cost of the ECS Recruiting Roadmap is $475; no other recruiting service provides this level of valuable information at anywhere close to this cost. We're so confident that you'll benefit from the ECS Recruiting Roadmap, that we will provide you a 100% return if you're not happy with your Roadmap.

In addition to the Roadmap, you will get a Player Profile which is visible to all of the coaches from the ECS covered schools. You'll also have access to The ECS Process™™, an easy to understand framework for conducting your college soccer search.