Clinic Refund Policy

Prior to thirty (30) days to the clinic, anyone requesting a clinic refund within 48 hours of registering will receive a full refund. After 48 hours of registration, anyone requesting a clinic refund will be converted to the normal website registration (cost $99) and refunded the difference. The normal website registration leaves your account in place with full site access, including your profile for college coaches. Refund requests should be emailed to


FORCE MAJEURE The Clinic will run unless The Danbury Sports Dome is forced to close (the mostly probably cause being severe winter weather resulting in a mandated closure of roads). If the Danbury Sports Dome is unable to operate on the Clinic date, we will notify all participants as soon as practically possible. Should this happen, ECS will change all clinic registrations to normal website registrations ($99) and refunded the difference. ECS is not liable for any travel cost, even if the Clinic is canceled. If the Danbury Sports Dome is open, and therefore the Clinic runs, there are no refunds for participants who are unable to attend.